For those who desire nothing but clarity and wild success in 2023 and beyond…

OMoney's Private

The BLUEPRINT You Need To Achieve Clarity, Progress, Profitability, Impact, and Freedom And Live an Extraordinary Life In 2023.

Why do I Need This Now?

No matter what stage of life you are at…

whether with your business, your career, finances, your personal goals, your family or relationships – you must have reached a certain point where it seems like…

You are stuck…

You can’t make headway…

You are unsure of what to do next or how to do it.

If you are wondering how to get going in times like this…

This is where you need clarity.

– Once you experience a refined sense of clarity, things begin to change.

– You begin to have a stronger sense of purpose in your life …

– You begin to have focus, direction and a clear strategy…

– You are able to better define and achieve your business goals…

– New doors begin to open up, new paths are available to you…

– You begin to see progress and gradually start to create the life you really want.

That’s what the Private Transformational CPPIF Workshop promises.

– In just 3 days, you’ll discover how to overcome any limiting challenge and create the quality of life you desire.

– This workshop is not just motivation, inspiration or some empty “pump up.”

– It’s concrete insights, tools and strategies drawn from Africa’s most transformational entrepreneurs and coaches to define your mindset for lasting transformation.

Imagine Knowing The Precise Steps To Prepare Your Mind, Life, Business and Career For Rapid Transformation in 2023 and beyond…

Imagine You Having Successful Coaches to Hand Over The Roadmap You Need to…

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in OMoney’s Private Transformational CPPIF Workshop

This is truly a Once-in-a-lifetime Virtual Workshop put together for individuals who desire nothing but clarity and wild success in all areas of life.

It’s guaranteed…

At the OMoney’s Private Transformational CPPIF Workshop, you’ll gain complete access to Over 30 years Of Personal, Financial and Business Mastery Compressed Into 3 Days of Power-Sessions From Highly- Successful Experts.


Learn from the best and most transformational coaches and Get the clarity you need to transform your life this 2023 with OMoney’s Private Transformational CPPIF Workshop.

Who is This Private Transformation Workshop Ideal For?

This SPECIAL INVITATION to The Private Transformational CPPIF Workshop has been carefully designed for entrepreneurs, career professionals, couples and individuals

  • Looking to master their mindset… 
  • Looking to live out their greatest purpose in life…
  • Looking to ignite long-term growth in their brands and businesses…
  • Looking to become deal partners in their relationships… 
  • Looking to reach a high point in their career… 
  • Looking to make an all-round and long-lasting impact.

Whatever transformation means for you, get there faster this 2023 with The OMoney’s Private Transformational CPPIF Workshop. 

This workshop is NOT intended to help opportunity chasers” with shallow visions looking  to experience quick bursts of motivation and short – term wins.

Experience Ultimate Transformation From These Coaches…

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to pick the brains of highly successful, self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and coaches … now is your chance.

FD7 - Copy

Fela Durotoye

Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Global Speaker & Nation Builder. Founder/CEO GEMSTONE Group, Member, Forbes Coaches Council

tomie balogun

Tomie Balogun

Finance & Investment Expert, Founder, The Green Investment Club & Twelve

Steve Harris 2

Steve Harris

Founder EdgeEcution, Business Coach and Capacity Development

What You'll Discover in Each Power-Session

Each of these carefully selected power-sessions is an important piece achieving all-round transformation.

Quit working on your business, and let your business work for you… 

In this Power-Session, you’ll discover how your brand and business can take the “leap” to overcome most businesses roadblocks and accelerate profitable growth using less resources.

If you wish to acquire and sustain long-term financial business growth built on strong foundations, then you’ll need this session. 

It reveals advanced and highly-sought after strategies for reaching rapid financial growth and unlocking new levels of prosperity.

Are you ready to discover the uncommon wealth-compounding secrets of Real-Life Self-Made Millionaires?

Don’t miss this session.

It’s coined an income goldmine for those looking to learn the little-known investment strategies they need to put their income to good use, transform their relationship with money and ultimately exponentially multiply their net worth.

With ‘Unlock and Ignite a Life of Abundance’ , you say hello to a better business, better career and better relationships.

This Power-Session will show you the exact thought-process and world-class techniques you require to transform these 3 key areas of life.

Join Praise Fowowe for this session where he reveals easy to follow principles for growing and sustaining positive and rewarding family relationships… Even as a busy entrepreneur or professional.

At the end of this session, You’ll walk away with new sets of skills, tools, and guidance to unlock higher levels of joy, happiness and satisfaction with your family.

A life of true success and fulfillment is never the end…

It’s always an unending journey with some uncertainties along the way.

Join Fela-Durotoye and Olakunle Soriyan as share eye-opening yet practical answers to the most burning questions you may have about gaining clarity in life, and business as your journey to all-round fulfillment.

This is not a time to just wait for the beginning of next year to start…

It is time to gain the clarity you need to take charge of yourself and transform your life.


Are You Ready to Get Ahead in Life, Business, Family and Career?

And That’s Not All… You Also Get These AMAZING Bonuses FOR FREE When You Sign up for the PLATINUM ACCESS!

These Bonuses Were Intentionally Chosen To Help You Create  and Accomplish Your Life Goals In Half The Time…

The Goal Blasters community is not just some membership you’ll never use. 

As a member, you’ll be part of a powerful community designed to sharpen your focus, accelerate your commitment, stay 100% accountable to your goal  and push you further towards each one you set for yourself. 

For 3 months, you’ll get free access to all the tools and strategies you need to implement the insights and training from the CPPIF Transformation Workshop alongside other high-level individuals and entrepreneurs like you.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In OMoney's Private Transformation CPPIF Workshop for only $497

Lockdown this Live Q&A session where I’ll be revealing the best-kept secrets my community members and clients have used to consistently succeed and crush their life-long goals. 

You will be getting 120 minutes of rigorous insights from me, which will help you narrow down the biggest opportunities to get all you want out of 2023.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In OMoney's Private Transformation CPPIF Workshop for only $497

This session is a hands-on exercise that provides you with powerful techniques for mapping highly motivating goals and creating the momentum to achieve them using my proven VBM Vision Mastery system. 

Applying the techniques you’ll discover in this exclusive session will help you figure out what you want and HOW to get it without setting yourself up for failure down the road.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In OMoney's Private Transformation CPPIF Workshop for only $497

Gain FREE access to decades of business and wealth-building secrets in this hand-picked selection of my favorite, groundbreaking training from top business experts.

These secrets and insights cut across various areas like finance, business growth, career growth, health and wellness and many more! 

I guarantee that you’ll love everything you find inside these EXCLUSIVE Training sessions because they are designed as a BLUEPRINT and pathway to help you achieve high levels of business autonomy, profitability and financial freedom.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In OMoney's Private Transformation CPPIF Workshop for only $497

And many more!



Get The Ultimate Transformation – From Mindset to Accountability, Strategic thinking to Execution

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Get The Tools to Keep Your Momentum Going Post-Workshop

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